Why you are not getting interview calls after sending CV
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Recently, I posted an ad for the hiring of Intern Laravel Developer for my company SumatoDev and for that I received around 350 applications from fresh graduates. I reviewed almost every email I got and quickly pressed the delete button within 1-2 seconds of opening the 70% of the emails or the resumes.

The point of writing this blog post is to guide the young graduates about what funny, common but critical mistakes that they are making while applying for jobs. By correcting these things you can increase the chances of getting interview call 5x times for sure. The points mentioned here are applicable not only to IT Industry but all other industries.

First of all, let me tell you that the competition in the market is very high because there is the number of students becoming graduates each year and the number of applications each company getting is increasing. I have a very small company (five persons), and even then I have received 350+ applications for just an Internship. Think about how many applications a proper software house might be getting? This allows the recruiters to quickly skim through the application and press the delete button and move forward because they know that they have a lot of applications to check.

So, let’s dive into what common, funny, unique and critical mistakes that young graduates have made while applying for my job. Definitely, you can make your application better by not doing these mistakes.

1. No Cover Letter

Job Application Mistakes No Cover Letter
Job Application Mistakes No Cover Letter

Almost 70% of the application did not have any cover letter with them, it is the biggest mistake that you are making while applying for any job. Empty cover shows that you are

  • Not much interested in the job
  • You are not a professional and do not pay attention to what you are doing to do it efficiently
  • You are applying for every job just to get hired (Anywhere).

Instead, you need to craft your Cover Letter for every job for which you want to apply. And in the cover letter, you need to describe why you are applying for the particular position at the specific company. And most importantly how your skills will help the company grow.

2. Screenshot of CV

No Resume
Resume Screenshot

This application literally made me laugh for a while. Someone had the CV in the print form and to apply for the job he quickly took the screenshot of it and sent it via email.

It really shows that you do not take the job posts seriously and if you cannot create a resume then how will you do the work if hired?

Give yourself a favor and create a resume, Please.

3. Awesome but Non-Relevant CV

Awesome but non relevant CV
Awesome but non-relevant CV

The number 1 thing that I did after opening the CV was to search for Laravel in the resume since the internship was related to Laravel.

So, the point is your awesome CV won’t make any difference if you don’t have skills related to the position you are applying for. Only apply for your relevant jobs to save your and our time.

4. Facebook/Twitter Profile Picture on CV

Facebook or Twitter Profile Picture on the CV
Facebook or Twitter Profile Picture on the CV

Professional Picture on the CV can increase your chances getting the interview call. But the picture like above won’t help you in this at all. Either don’t use the picture or use a professional and confident looking picture of yourself with a smile.

5. Send application to 400+ companies in one email

Same email to 50+ employers

Not a good way to send resumes!

Almost every employer get 100s of such emails every week and never bother to check what is in it. Do you think that sending the same cover letter and resume to 50 companies in the same email will help you get the job?

When applying for a company you need to research about the company, find on which kind of projects are they working, and mention exactly how you can help the company succeed in their goals.


To really get the recruiter’s attention you have to present yourself as professional, standout from the crowd and send the custom cover letter. So, make sure that you take your resume and cover letter seriously today and update it to avoid such hilarious mistakes. And then always ask someone experienced in your circle to review your CV before you send it to the company for the job post.

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If you like this article then share it with someone who you think is applying for jobs and must know make such mistakes.