How to Approve Upwork Profile
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Are you starting freelancing career and decided to join Upwork to reach potential clients? I appreciate your choice because Upwork is probably the best freelancing Platform right now and is going to continue to remain that due to its a number of unique value propositions. In this article, I’m going to tell you the steps that you can follow to increase your chances of getting Upwork Profile Approved.

Why is Upwork not allowing everyone to signup for their platform as Freelancer?

Due to the number of new freelancers signing up on Upwork and making the platform highly competitive market to find clients, Upwork has decided not allow more freelancers to signup directly, Instead, Upwork is now reviewing every new profile before allowing them to use the platform to make sure that only freelancers who know what they are doing can be part of Upwork.

There are several things on your profile that need your attention before you press the “Resubmit Profile” button again.

1. Take Upwork Readiness Test

The Upwork Readiness Test tests whether you are ready for the Upwork Platform or not? It is all about making sure that you clearly understand that how Upwork works.

So to prepare for this test you need to review the Upwork Freelancer Manual or watch the videos in the Upwork Education Hub. Through this test, Upwork wants to make sure that the freelancer understands how to get started on Upwork, how to the get clients, how to get paid etc.

Upwork Readiness Test Shajeel's Blog
Upwork Readiness Test Shajeel’s Blog

2. Take Upwork Skill Tests

To prove yourself an expert in your domain, you should find relevant Upwork Test and complete it with high score. By passing a test you will get a checkmark with the skill name in the skills section.

Verified Upwork Skill
Verified Upwork Skill

This can definitely show you as an expert when you will have skill with the tested check on your profile with the relevant skill test passed. Don’t worry if you do not pass it for the first time, you can take the tests as many times as you want and you can also hide it from the profile if it is below average.

Upwork Tests
This is how Upwork Tests Look like on Upwork Profile

You can see the complete list of Upwork Tests here.

3. Complete your profile to 100%

Most of the freelancers when signing up for Upwork.ccom, usually do the quick registration and skip to fill all other necessary information and submit it for the review. With so many incomplete profiles, it totally makes sense for Upwork to reject the profile.

If you want your Upwork profile to be accepted, you must complete it to 100%. It will definitely increase the chances of getting your profile by Upwork.

To complete the profile to 100%, you need to add

  • Profile Picture: Attach a smiling, friendly looking, face focused and with plan background picture of you yourself. The picture is the first thing that gets profile viewer’s attention, if that is not something that looks friendly then don’t except client to for further in your profile to see other items.
  • Job Title: You can use this field to describe your professional skills/experience in one sentence. You can take some ideas by viewing Job Titles of other freelancers in your category. My Job Title on Upwork is: “Google Certified Android Developer with Firebase, iOS, UX & Web Skills”
  • Overview: Here you can write 4000 characters to present your skills, experience etc in depth. Take it as an opportunity to present yourself in front of the potential client who might hire you by reading Overview about you. You can be creative here and can describe your accomplishments, education, projects, strengths, and skills. Make sure that you keep it short and most importantly error-free. If you are not good at writing then you must hire someone or consult other experienced freelancers about your overview copy.
  • Video: You can record a 30-second video of yourself in which you can introduce yourself, describe your education, skills, experience, certifications etc. The video can help you to stand out from the crowd.
  • Portfolio: You must have done some projects in the past during your school, college or university, while working for someone and as a side project. This section is all about showcasing those projects. Describe briefly the project, the company for which you have done it, the number of people involved in making it, and your role in making the project. You can also attach pictures, skills, project link with the portfolio entry. Just make sure that you have copyrights of the project that you want to add or your previous employer allowed you to add it to your portfolio because it can be the reason of your account getting suspended forever if copyright infringement is reported or if the information attached is proved wrong. And most importantly make compelling thumbnails that will be shown in the portfolio section, the thumbnail should convey the idea about the project and should look in the portfolio section.

    Upwork Portfolio
    Upwork Portfolio form
  • Skills: You can add up to 10 skills in this section. Just make sure that you pick skills in which you are most expert and take Skills Test for them as described above so that they can have the check mark on them.
  • Certifications: Certifications section can help you to stand high in the competition if you are certified in your relevant skill. Upwork itself verifies each certification entry and only allow the verified certifications to be visible in the profile.
  • Employment History: Here you can describe your previous jobs if you have some experience. You must start with the introduction of the company, their mission, and their website. Make sure that you enlist every project that you have done at each company. Especially the technologies that you have used, goals that are accomplished etc. I have seen that most of the noobs use short or incomplete names of the companies, for example, PITB, now not all of you may know that PITB means Punjab Information Technology Board, using just PITB might not make sense. Make sure to use the proper company name as it is.
  • Education History: Add your most recent college/university related information and make a list of all of the major subjects that you have studied there.
  • Other Experiences: This is the last but interesting section of the project. Here you can mention the other relevant skills you have that can help your clients. For example, I do Android, iOS and Web development related projects but other than that I also know WordPress Installation, Security, Maintenance etc. So, I have mentioned that in my profile.

4. Join an Agency

While you might not be able to get your Individual Profile Approved, you can be part of Upwork Agency and through that, you can have your Profile Approved. Agencies usually use Upwork’s Paid Subscriptions and that is why Upwork gives preference to profiles submitted through Agencies in this process. Before doing this, you must understand exactly how agencies work on Upwork. There is also an Agency Readiness Test available that you can prepare and take to show Upwork that you are ready for that but usually I have seen in the past that you don’t need that. And agencies on Upwork usually take some percentage of their members, make sure that you ask agency owners about their terms and conditions before joining.

I am also running Top Rated Agency on Upwork, You can reach me as well if you are a skilled person and want to join it.

5. Ask your clients to hire you on Upwork

Another idea for you is to ask your clients (if you have) to hire you on Upwork, Upwork has mentioned that it won’t help you in getting Upwork Profile Approved but it can help you in being good in Upwork’s Eyes. So, give some discount to your clients on other platforms and ask them to hire you on Upwork.

6. Discuss your Profile with other Freelancers

If you still think that your profile should be approved and if you are not sure why it is being rejected again and again then you can reach to experienced freelancers and take their advice on how to improve your profile. Try searching for the experienced freelancer in your circle.

I can also help you in this, if it is not being accepted or if you are not able to get projects. Discuss your problem with me in the comments below and share this post with someone who is in need.

I hope that your profile will get approved when you will follow these.

Best of Luck 😊