Firebase Dev Summit is the annual event showcasing latest Google Firebase Product release and features. It includes several talks that can help you learn how Firebase helps in solving key infrastructure and the growth challenge for your app. The event is happening in Amsterdam, the Netherlands today, and the best part is that we can watch it live on YouTube. You can see the complete schedule of the talks here.

This article is all about letting you know the new things that are announced in the Firebase Developer Summit.

Firebase Crashlytics

In Jan 2017, Google Firebase acquired Fabric developer platform and the team from Twitter. The 6 years old Crashlytics which is part of Fabric has now become part of the Google Firebase which means that all the awesomeness of Crashlytics is included in the Google Firebase Console.

Read more about Firebase Crashlytics here.

Firebase Predictions

Firebase Predictions BETA is all about growing your app with Google’s machine learning algorithm applied to your Firebase Analytics events that you report via your app. With this feature, Firebase is looking forward to handling all the work that your data science team might be doing. Based on Firebase Analytics, Firebase Predictions create user groups that can be used for targeting with notifications which can ultimately help you in retention and engagement within the app.

Firebase Prediction by default creates default predictions, will churn, will spend, and will not spend, and you can also create custom predictions based on conversion events in the app.

Read the official documentation about Firebase Predictions here.

Firebase A/B Testing

Google Firebase A/B Testing BETA can allow you to run full-fledged A/B testing based on different parameters. Previously A/B testing was only possible through Firebase Remote Config in which you have to specify the keys in both App Side and on the Firebase Console.

This feature looks very promising and currently available in Google Firebase Console. Basically, through this, you can d

There are several advantages that are coming with this that you can read here.

Firebase Alpha Program

Google Firebase also introduced Alpha program in which you can participate to get access to unreleased firebase features. Just head over to to participate.

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