things that can suspend upwork account

Are you looking for finding reasons for Upwork account suspension? Then, you are in the right place. In this article, I am going to reveal all the possible reasons that will lead you to suspend your Upwork account. Conversely, you can avoid all these blunders to avoid this inconvenience.

Notably, many freelancers exert a lot of effort to become a part of Upwork community. Signing up for an Upwork account is not an easy job. Once, you have joined the Upwork platform, won a job, and verified your identity.

And, after earning some USD, you got this email “Upwork help center: your account has been suspended”. For Upwork freelancers, this is the end of the journey. But, it’s wiser to be aware of Upwork terms and conditions and adopt smarter tactics that will keep you safe aside.

Therefore, all you need to read the article carefully and identify all the reasons that can suspend your Upwork account. Let’s dive into the reasons.

1.Low ratings

Continuously low ratings are the main reason for Upwork account suspension. If you are earning a low JSS score, that means you’re in danger zone.

How to overcome low ratings?

All you need is to exert 100% to your existing project and provide exceptional results to the client. With effective communication, you can satisfy your client immensely.

Many times, I have observed that many freelancers tend to win multiple jobs after winning a job. And, you become out of focus on that particular job. So, you need to put more focus on what you have committed before.

If you got one bad review on your first job, upwork doesn’t suspend you immediately. But, it provides you margin to recover your position to earn positive reviews as well. So, you need to maintain the JSS score.

Types of feedbacks

Generally, there are two types of feedbacks public and private. Upwork seriously considers private feedback rather than public feedback. So, if you have done a fantastic job, then, definitely your client will provide positive feedback (public and private).

2. Insisting client to give you 5-star rating

Another primary reason for your account suspension is asking 5-star rating from your client. Generally, you can ask your client for example, “if the quality of my work meets your desired requirements, I will appreciate if you share your feedback”.

But, remember one thing, DON’T insist your client to give your 5-star rating or positive review. But, You should be capable of earning positive feedback by yourself. It’s dope.

3. Tracking time on more than 1 PC

If you logged into two PCs to log time then, you could bear a penalty. If you turn on “time tracker” on both PCs simultaneously to increase your job hours, upwork bots will identify and suspend your account immediately.

So, you NEVER need to start “time tracker” at the same time. Upwork provides you ease to login to your account on multiple computers but, it forbids you to log time on multiple devices at the same time.

Let me share a heartbreaking incident with you guys. Once, my upwork account was placed on hold for 48 hours. Unconsciously, my two PCs were logging time simultaneously.  After 48 hours, my account was recovered back. And, I was at ease.

Important note: you can bear a penalty if you can’t consider this point very crucial.

4. Applying on jobs while the tracker is turned on

It is a secret reason that nobody reveals. Suppose you are tracking time on 1 PC and place bids while logging into your account on another PC. Then, it may lead you to suspend your account immediately.

The reason is that you are tracking time as well as applying on new jobs. That’s ethically wrong because your client is going to pay you for the time that is being tracked.

So, when you are tracking time for a particular job. You can’t spend your time on bidding. You can watch this following video to find out more classy stuff:)

Golden tip: if you want to hire someone to apply for your jobs, you can hire a business developer manager in your agency. So, the manager can handle all these headaches of sending proposals for you. How can you do that? You can find out on our Youtube Channel.

5. Asking the client to contact outside upwork

NEVER do that. Majority of freelancers commit this mistake of asking contact info from the client. DON’T be over smart to get your account suspended.

Because upwork bots will identify the keywords that you have used in your message, if you have used these type of keywords in your message, it will blacklist you and suspend your account on the manual audit.

So, you should never make such kind of blunders to ask personal contact information from your client.

Important note: if your client asks you to share your contact information, then you are on the safe side. Majority of the times, my clients are comfortable via Google Meet, Skype or other platforms. And, that’s appropriate.

Generally, if your client is comfortable to communicate on other platforms, then, you’re in the safe zone.

Golden tip: before staring communication on other platforms, you can tackle by adding a note “please note that I prefer to communicate here on upwork not directly”. Now, you are on the safe side because you have already mentioned your preference.

6. Creating multiple accounts on upwork

Many freelancers try to become over smart by creating multiple accounts on upwork to earn more money or for backup plans.

But, you need to understand that upwork is a mature platform with super talented AI bots.  These AI bots can easily recognize that this user has created multiple accounts.

For example, you have created multiple accounts and attached the same payment method for withdrawing earnings or buying connects. Then, your account will be banned for sure. So, make sure of avoiding such FALSE practices.

7. Selling and purchasing upwork account.

This is a ridiculous practice that many immature freelancers follow. I have seen multiple posts regarding selling upwork accounts.

It’s totally AGAINST the terms and conditions of Upwork. You should not sell or purchase an upwork account because it’s not permissible at all.

For instance, you purchased an upwork account, and you updated all the personal and skills information.  It is going to be freaking out guys!

Because, upwork AI bots can easily recognize that a user completely changed all the information, including a profile picture, education, skill sets and contact info.

So, all you need is to put some effort to create your upwork profile by yourself. Also, you can watch my complete upwork youtube playlist for newbie freelancers.

8. Payments without upwork

This is yet another major reason for suspension of your established account. Often, freelancers tend to save the commissioned value that upwork deducts on each payment.

For example, if you have earned thousands of USDs and you don’t want to bear high payouts, then you request your client to deposit your payment directly. This is against the policies of upwork.

So, play safe and receive your payments through upwork platform.

In comparison to, if you established a connection with your client directly and received a payment on you PayPal or Payoneer or any other method.

In case, you couldn’t maintain a positive relationship with that client then, and the client may submit a complaint against your credentials with proofs of asking direct payment.

So, it’s a smart tactic to receive your payment on upwork because it will help you build your profile. You will earn respect in upwork community, and it will boost your ranking as well.

Wrapping up!

In conclusion, I have talked about all the possible ways that can suspend your upwork profile instantly. I am pretty much sure that you are not going to commit any mistake, as mentioned above.

Also, you can avail the opportunity of learning diverse knowledge on my YouTube channel learn with shajeel. Also, you can learn freelancing by downloading my mobile application learn freelancing [Urdu/Hindi]. If you have some more queries, let me know in the comment section, and I will reply you back ASAP.